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Welcome to your Startup Launchpad.

We are a business accelerating organization based principally in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA with satellite branches located in Palo Alto, California, USA.


Our network of specialists are expert providers in e-commerce related growth services. We can help speed your business growth from being only a good idea into thriving as an international powerhouse.


Our consultants will guide your company through it's organizational setup, sourcing of startup funding, legal administration and also provide significant tax savings information. Upon request, we can also convert your existing business into a Puerto Rican base of operations. Successful completion of this legal process can increase your current bottom line profits by as much as 40%. We do this through effective navigation of Puerto Rico's Act 20 and 22 (Now called act 60) tax decree offerings.


Many companies have brought their company taxes to as low as 4% and the personal income passed from same enterprise or capital gains taxation to as low as 0%. This is because there are significant financing and Federal / Territorial taxation benefits or opportunities only available to properly structured and compliant enterprises. An act 20 / 22 / 60 decree can perform for as long as 30 years when government approved and it suits an e-commerce business applicant best. We can help you establish a company that you can run while living anywhere in the world.


Our clients and graduates profitably operate their:

  • Rental Real Estate Portfolios

    • Airbnb, Hotels, Long-term, VRBO

  • Digital Media Creation or Production Firms

    • Youtube, Instagram, Upwork, Fiverr 

  • Blockchain of Software Development Enterprises 

  • Wholesale Drop ship or production on demand companies

    • Amazon FBA or Private Label, Printfully, Shopify​

  • Service for Fee companies

    • Accounting, ​Counseling, Legal Advisement, Brand Consulting, Talent Agencies, Brokers and more.


With us, you can build your technology, product or service export operations that will serve your customers worldwide. 

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