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Hex is the world's first blockchain time deposit

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

HEX is the world's first blockchain time deposit.

Marketcap #22 at $936 Million on

3 audits: 2 security, 1 economic theory. HEX price did 116x in 129 days.

Over $2 billion in BTC has Free Claimed HEX so far. HEX has the highest on chain exchange liquidity of any coin other than ETH or stable coins. $13 million on trackable at

$3.5-$5M volume a day. for a 10% bonus on Free claims and Transforming ETH into HEX.

BTC claims made: more than 250k BTC over 30k addresses. Stakes: 100k+ stakes are active. Average weighted stake length is 4.66 years.


Community run sites:



Telegram chats:

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