Building a network takes time. Whether you are moving an existing business or establishing a new one here, network resources are valuable. 


As your consultant firm, Startup Launchpad can provide nearly instant network resources to you. We are tied in with the business, legal, governmental and educational communities here. We can make personal introductions and referrals that are worthwhile.


We won't be able to hold your hand as you explore every curiosity but we will be able to establish quickly your own network that you can take over and nurture further.


Our focus is on serving entrepreneurial needs. This means that startups love us. We can tie you into resources whether you are high tech blockchain company or one that distributes ice cream. 


Our fee covers a 1 hour teleconference consultation to first explore your particular needs so we can construct your network starter kit. We will explore together the specific things that are on your mind and resolve stress that comes from unfamiliar territory before it even has a chance to happen. 


After consultation, we will provide personal introductions to network resources. We can do this in person while you are on island or we can do this through direct cyber connections like teleconference.


Reach out for more information.




Full KYC required, ask for details.

Our fee is:

  • $750 if by credit card, paypal, venmo.
  • 20% discount if by wire transfer ($600).
  • 25% discount if by Bitcoin ($560)
  • 30% discount if by Ethereum or most ERC-20 such as DAI or USDC. ($525) 
  • 35% discount if by payment for services when using HEX. ($485)



Entrepreneurial Network Access

  • Return and Refund policy.

    Services will be rendered to your company upon signature of contract and cleared payment by Corporate credit card, Corporate check,  Bank Wire, BTC, TrueUSD Ethereum, DAI, USDC or HEX tokens received by our firm. Each method in this variety of payment options also may have significant discount available. Be sure of  your terms as purchase.

    As services and advisory information is irretrievable and irrevocable, so too is the payment for access or render of such service. It is for this reason that a return or refund after payment transfer is not authorized. We will strive to provide value throughout the process to your organization. Should disagreement occur, we welcome arbitration through independent, third party arbitration firms based in Puerto Rico.