Believe it or not, behind every successful CEO of a fortune 500 company, there is an executive assistant closely guarding the actions the CEO takes. This individual is rarely the center of attention, but they play such an important role in the company that up-and-coming entrepreneurs should sit back and take notes.


Whether they realize it or not, these entrepreneurs need a qualified executive assistant to help propel their company into a leadership role in their industry.


It tends to make good economic sense for a company to hire an executive assistant to function as a manager to the needs of the CEO. It is not a good use of company resources to have the CEO doing a lot of the daily operational tasks in the company. Much of this should be delegated to an executive assistant to figure out how to be executed; thus, freeing up the CEO to engage in critical executive duties. 


As the face of the company, a CEO must be heavily involved in meeting top clients key to the success of the business and working out new avenues for monetizing the business to ensure strong, consistent revenue streams from one quarter to the next.


Unfortunately, the CEO cannot get to performing these duties adequately, if they are busy running the photocopier or doing some other task that drives down the financial potential of the business. 

Our staff are versed in business operations and able to assist efficiently. Our rate is per hour however we can provide contracts of longer duration and at discount. Reach out for more information.



We bill in 10 hour blocks. Our assigned interpreter is punctual and will begin billing time per appointment. There will be a clear announcement of start and stop times by text from the interpretor to us, and a confirmation text to you immediately after. This assures we are in agreement of services rendered and block portions utilized during contract.



Full KYC required, ask for details.

Our fee is 10 hour blocks @ $55 per hour:

  • $550 if by credit card, paypal, venmo.
  • 20% discount if by wire transfer ($440).
  • 25% discount if by Bitcoin ($410)
  • 30% discount if by Ethereum or most ERC-20 such as DAI or USDC. ($385) 
  • 35% discount if by payment for services when using HEX. ($355)



Bilingual Executive Assistant

  • Return and Refund policy.

    Services will be rendered to your company upon signature of contract and cleared payment by Corporate credit card, Corporate check,  Bank Wire, BTC, TrueUSD Ethereum, DAI, USDC or HEX tokens received by our firm. Each method in this variety of payment options also may have significant discount available. Be sure of  your terms as purchase.

    As services and advisory information is irretrievable and irrevocable, so too is the payment for access or render of such service. It is for this reason that a return or refund after payment transfer is not authorized. We will strive to provide value throughout the process to your organization. Should disagreement occur, we welcome arbitration through independent, third party arbitration firms based in Puerto Rico.