If you are considering to move to the island of Puerto Rico to bask in the entrepreneurial glow, you'll probably want to have a roof over your head when doing so. 


Our firm has great connections in the San Juan, Condado, Isla Verde, Santurce, Guynabo and Dorado areas that will help. As a consultant firm, we will assign a dedicated specialist to guide you through the options available in the market. Your specialist will be bilingual and island savvy to assist efficiently. 


Online, you may find 10 leads that are outdated, inauthentic or simply a waste of time for any single location of real suitability to your needs. Let our team sort through those time wasters and deliver.


** Photos are examples only and do not reflect what is available at the moment. You will be responsible for decisions and to perform due diligence on matching your housing needs. Your specialist will only be responsible to facilitate communication and to assist you in selection from the current market offerings.**




Full KYC required, ask for details.

Our fee is:

  • $1500 if by credit card, paypal, venmo.
  • 20% discount if by wire transfer ($1200).
  • 25% discount if by Bitcoin ($1125)
  • 30% discount if by Ethereum or most ERC-20 such as DAI or USDC. ($1050) 
  • 35% discount if by payment for services when using HEX. ($975) 

Find your apartment in San Juan, Condado or Isle Verde

  • Return and Refund policy.

    Services will be rendered to your company upon signature of contract and cleared payment by Corporate credit card, Corporate check,  Bank Wire, BTC, TrueUSD Ethereum, DAI, USDC or HEX tokens received by our firm. Each method in this variety of payment options also may have significant discount available. Be sure of  your terms as purchase.

    As services and advisory information is irretrievable and irrevocable, so too is the payment for access or render of such service. It is for this reason that a return or refund after payment transfer is not authorized. We will strive to provide value throughout the process to your organization. Should disagreement occur, we welcome arbitration through independent, third party arbitration firms based in Puerto Rico.