There is something special happening in blockchain and crypto. Hex is true DeFi and designed with the best elements of BTC and Ethereum without the growth and value hobbling challenges of their design limits. 


Our company heavily discounts the price for our services primarily because we believe in the design of the Hex product.


Hex is audited by the best companies in the world that analyze solidity code. It has been audited by mathmaticians and is a completed product. Hex is fully functional and unlike ICOs, it does not have a founder or a group of developers promising to "build something" in the future that will add value. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, XRP and thousands of other crypto companies cannot make the same statement. All are actively promising that future development will improve their products and therefore make those appealing to future buyers. 


Hex is an immutable smart contract that is hosted on the Ethereum network.  The completed nature of the HEX product is appealing to our ideas of value and is the reason we discounting the price for our services significantly if compensated in HEX tokens.  


If you choose to pay for any of our services using the Hex token, you will receive a 35% discount from normal rate. If you choose to pay full rate, we still advise you to research the HEX token value in the crypto marketplace. 


We are not providing investment advice. We are only declaring that we will accept HEX token as payment for services that are offered on this website.


If you click anywhere in this text field you can either claim your free HEX, or choose to buy it using the Adoption Amplifier.  The Adoption Amplifier is active until November 19, 2020. If you use our referral link, you will recieve 10% more HEX than if you do not use the link. 


On all referrals, the HEX smart contract creates an additional supply of it's token. This supply is not a portion of your free BTC claim or your AA purchase, nor does it increase your cost basis. However, all referral funds received are donated to charity in support of Suicide Prevention programs. Ask us for more details.


HEX - True DeFi

  • You can do more investigating of the Hex product and community at the URL     T.ME/HexFlex

  • Message directly regarding HEX at