Do you need translator services? Maybe you are exploring the island for yourself or perhaps on behalf of your company?


Is your ability to speak spanish fluent? Can you speak in business or medical terminology? Are you able to navigate the island using spanish?


If not, we have a solution. Our translators are multi-lingual and can help you communicate. We can help with the nuance, the cliche' and the local phrases where that phone app just won't do. 


Our rates are competative and our professionals will save your time and costs every step of the way.


Reach out for discounts based on longer bookings.



We bill in 10 hour blocks. Our assigned interpreter is punctual and will begin billing time per appointment. There will be a clear announcement of start and stop times by text from the interpretor to us, and a confirmation text to you immediately after. This assures we are in agreement of services rendered and block portions utilized during contract.



Full KYC required, ask for details.

Our fee is 10 hour blocks @ $40 per hour:

  • $400 if by credit card, paypal, venmo,, debit or corporate check.
  • 20% discount if by wire transfer ($320).
  • 25% discount if by Bitcoin ($300)
  • 30% discount if by Ethereum or most ERC-20 such as DAI or USDC. ($280) 
  • 35% discount for payment for services when using HEX. ($260)


Translator Services - Per Hour

  • Due to the nature of this service, refund is not possible. 

    Should your contract for prepaid services be shortened, we will allow credit transferral to a delegate of your choice.