Time is money. We all have heard this idiom. 


Have you rented a car here at the airport before? Are you familiar with the time it takes to check out a car and more importantly, return it quick enough to catch a flight? Are you familiar with the parking rules and fees or fines associated with when you get it wrong?


Are you familiar with the taxi lobby and where UBER is not allowed to pick-up or drop-off? Airport, inland regions and even major hotels near San Juan have restrictions on mobile app service transportation. Often, time is more expensive to squander than money.


If this is the case for your visit or for you company, we can offer you a dedicated driver and transportation services. 


The $65/hour is for dedicated driver service only. If you need translation service or accompaniement as well on your errands, we can offer a packaged rate of $85/hour.


All charges are based on time and must be round-trip before end of day service.
There will be one session per 24 hour day. This means that the time charge will begin at one time of the day, and end at one time of the day equaling one session charge per day. We cannot operate in the manner of Taxi or Uber as this is a dedicated driver service.

We can transport you multiple destinations throughout the day or even across the island and back.


This means that while we can can transport you to the other side of the island, the charge time does not end until the driver returns to origin. 


Reach out if we can help or to discuss further.


Full KYC required, ask for details.

Our fee is bought in 10 hour blocks @$65 per hour:

  • $650 if by credit card, paypal, venmo.
  • 20% discount if by wire transfer ($520).
  • 25% discount if by Bitcoin ($485)
  • 30% discount if by Ethereum or most ERC-20 such as DAI or USDC. ($455) 
  • 35% discount if by payment for services when using HEX. ($420)

Transportation - Per Hour

  • We have fully insured, late model automobiles used to provide this service. Rate is all inclusive of milage, insurance and maintanence.

  • Return and Refund policy.

    Services will be rendered to your company upon signature of contract and cleared payment by Corporate credit card, Corporate check,  Bank Wire, BTC, TrueUSD Ethereum, DAI, USDC or HEX tokens received by our firm. Each method in this variety of payment options also may have significant discount available. Be sure of  your terms as purchase.

    As services and advisory information is irretrievable and irrevocable, so too is the payment for access or render of such service. It is for this reason that a return or refund after payment transfer is not authorized. We will strive to provide value throughout the process to your organization. Should disagreement occur, we welcome arbitration through independent, third party arbitration firms based in Puerto Rico.